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Denise and I had some conversations with Vincent.
But I guess you need to know the background information first:
I was looking to change my buddy icon, and I found a page that had half-naked guys as icons,
So I changed it and told Denise that I was going to IM every guy on my buddy list.
Unfortunately, (...Or fortunately, however you look at it) Vincent was the only guy who was on.

So I IMed him.

iLoveHateGroups: Hi vincent.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Hi
iLoveHateGroups: I already miss your face.
iLoveHateGroups: Do you like my icon?
ThyHorrorInvoked: nope
iLoveHateGroups: NO!?
iLoveHateGroups: WTF
iLoveHateGroups: I like it though.
ThyHorrorInvoked: good for you
iLoveHateGroups: No, GOOD FOR YOU.
iLoveHateGroups: Because you have to see it everytime I IM you.
iLoveHateGroups: Which will be ALL THE TIME.
ThyHorrorInvoked: No way
iLoveHateGroups: Yes way.
ThyHorrorInvoked: No way, that's bogus man.
iLoveHateGroups: You're bogus man.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Yeah, I know.
iLoveHateGroups: As long as you know.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Good
iLoveHateGroups: Yeah.
iLoveHateGroups: So how was your day?
ThyHorrorInvoked: Fine
iLoveHateGroups: That's lovely.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Yeah it is I suppose.
iLoveHateGroups: Sooooo. I have nothing else to say. Which is not fun. Because I really wanted you to love the naked man on my buddy icon.
ThyHorrorInvoked: That's a shame.
iLoveHateGroups: Yeah.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Yeah
iLoveHateGroups: Yeah yourself.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Yeah YOURSELF.
iLoveHateGroups: NUH-UH.
iLoveHateGroups: yeah YOURSELF x2
ThyHorrorInvoked: You got me.
iLoveHateGroups: I figured I would.
iLoveHateGroups: I get 'em all the time with that one.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Yeah, right.
iLoveHateGroups: Mmhmm.
ThyHorrorInvoked: bullshit
iLoveHateGroups: bullshit your face.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Bullshit
ThyHorrorInvoked: bullshit
iLoveHateGroups: nuh-uh.
ThyHorrorInvoked: bullshit
iLoveHateGroups: bullshit THIS.
ThyHorrorInvoked: bullshit
iLoveHateGroups: You beat me.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Yes I Did
iLoveHateGroups: Yeah
ThyHorrorInvoked signed off at 12:30:40 AM.

TheRoomWasCold: Hey Vinny.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Hello
TheRoomWasCold: I lovelovelove Lori's icon.
TheRoomWasCold: Just so you know.
TheRoomWasCold: That's times three!
ThyHorrorInvoked: I can read
TheRoomWasCold: Okay.
TheRoomWasCold: How come you hate me so much?
ThyHorrorInvoked: I don't hate you
ThyHorrorInvoked: i strongly dislike you
TheRoomWasCold: And you get all mad when I talk to your "good buddy" Joe?
TheRoomWasCold: I think you guys are gay lovers.
TheRoomWasCold: And you're just jealous.
TheRoomWasCold: I mean, you like me better than John, right?
ThyHorrorInvoked: Without a doubt.
TheRoomWasCold: And better than the so-called "G-Whiff"?
ThyHorrorInvoked: Sure
TheRoomWasCold: So........Then I'm better than TWO PEOPLE.
TheRoomWasCold: Which means.......I'm better...than....two people...
TheRoomWasCold: But still!
TheRoomWasCold: I think you should be nicer to me.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Do you bother anybody else?
TheRoomWasCold: Not really. Everyone else enjoys my compa- Actually, yes. But I don't bother them on purpose. I just make comments that they don't like about lawnmowers and Mexicans.
TheRoomWasCold: And they FLIP OUT ON ME.
TheRoomWasCold: And tell me to shut up.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Do you bother people in school?
TheRoomWasCold: But then I'm all like, "PSH. I don't care what you say asshat."
TheRoomWasCold: NOPE. JUST YOU. And Kevin. But he loves it.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Well I don't.
TheRoomWasCold: That's why I continue.
TheRoomWasCold: Because it just bothers you so much!
TheRoomWasCold: And I love it.
ThyHorrorInvoked: No I don't.
TheRoomWasCold: But I DO.
TheRoomWasCold: I could've been better to you, but you ruined it.
ThyHorrorInvoked: It's always about you.
TheRoomWasCold: No way Jose`.
TheRoomWasCold: Why can't you remember the good times we've shared?
TheRoomWasCold: Don't Forget About Tom?
TheRoomWasCold: Or whatever the fuck his face was named?
ThyHorrorInvoked: You forgot I see.
TheRoomWasCold: NO.
TheRoomWasCold: I DIDN'T.
ThyHorrorInvoked: You're like John.
ThyHorrorInvoked: I bet John would forget.
TheRoomWasCold: NO
TheRoomWasCold: He's be hanging all over it.
TheRoomWasCold: Because he recycles the same jokes.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Yeah that is true
TheRoomWasCold: Like Uncle Joey from Full House.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Yes
ThyHorrorInvoked: Joey Gladstone
TheRoomWasCold: I mean "It's starts with 's' and ends in 'uicide'" is OLD. I don't even think it was his own creation.
TheRoomWasCold: He should kill himself.
TheRoomWasCold: Because no one likes him and he's an Urkelfaced scaryman.
TheRoomWasCold: http://image.nartbox.com/ecard/swf/040121_dung.swf
TheRoomWasCold: FOR YOU
ThyHorrorInvoked: I'll pass.
TheRoomWasCold: NO
TheRoomWasCold: You must watch it!
ThyHorrorInvoked: No
TheRoomWasCold: It's JAPANESE POOP.
TheRoomWasCold: DANCING
TheRoomWasCold: And singing a funny little ditty.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Show it to John so he can recycle it.
TheRoomWasCold: No way.
TheRoomWasCold: I hate interacted with that guy.
ThyHorrorInvoked: Goodnight.
TheRoomWasCold: Psh.
TheRoomWasCold: Goodnight yourself.
ThyHorrorInvoked signed off at 12:30:12 AM.

iLoveHateGroups: He didn't say goodnight to me.
iLoveHateGroups: KILL HIMSELF.
TheRoomWasCold: YEAH!
iLoveHateGroups: AGAIN!
iLoveHateGroups: Because we always say that!
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