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The Strange Whores

This first picture of many was taken at the country fair that happens every year near my house. Many of the future pictures will come from the fair, because naturally that's the best place to find hicks. Not to mention a plethora of gross creepy out-of-towner people. I think the country fair is when all the people living in the nearby trailer park decide to come out of hiding in trees with pitchforks to fraternize with the rest of society. I give you...the whores:


There is a hilarious story about how I got their picture. I was sitting on this bench, low to the ground, when the two of them just stood there in front of me, ripe for picture-taking. I knew I HAD to get the pic, and I thought it was bright enough outside that the flash on my camera wouldn't go off if I pointed and clicked. I angled my camera upward, and pressed the button...

And of course the flash goes off right in their faces. They both glared at me, startled, and I slyly covered it up by blurting out "Whoa! What the hell? It just went off for no reason! Sorry about that!" I am the mastah.

So you will notice that these women are quite grotesque. First off, the one on the left is rather bird-like. And why is she holding her chin like that? Perhaps pondering whether to go on the pony ride? The one on the right, I'm not sure if that's even a woman at all. Notice the lack of breastal region, the hideously overdone makeup job, and the manly arms and hands and face. She even has a pseudo-mullet-type-hairdo. MMM watermelon!

So what have we learned from this?

-When taking random pictures of random whores, be sure to turn off the flash, regardless of the weather.

-Pretend you had a camera malfunction if someone realizes you took their picture.


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