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Two topics of interest today. First of all, check out my awesome shirt! I ordered it from, and it cracks me up. They're having a sale, you should all totally go buy a PIMPIN TSHIRT OMG!!111one. Then check out cottage cheese woman.


Ugh, my boobs gross me out sometimes. NEVER ASK YOUR DADDY FOR IMPLANTS. Not that I did that...I mean...I was born with those mammoth mammary glands...actually not BORN with them, boy that'd be nasty, I mean they GREW...but they suck, NEVER WISH YOU HAD BIGGER BOOBS KTHNXBYE.

And then, of course, another freak of nature! Brought to you by ME!

UGH! What is with these women and their bathing suits?? I love the floral print. And her buddy/husband/loverboy there kinda matches her, even though he's half her size. And check out her OTHER buddy, sunbathing on the beach there. I feel bad for that guy, he's probably looking up at her hoo-hah right now, her wet bathing suit suctioned right onto it, into every crack and crevice. These pictures taken at Locarno Beach in Vancouver, BC. We were on a picnic...way to spoil my appetite, woman!

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