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OKAY so I was posting in pink_shoelace's journal and thinking about retarded things I've done in public. And I remembered the RAMBO adventures. My friends and I were going to copy that idea where you take a garden gnome from someone's garden, and you take it places and take pictures of its adventures. But we couldn't find a gnome, so we went to the dollar store and purchased Rambo instead. He was kinda like Ken...smiling, plastic, definitely not anatomically correct (believe me, we did an extensive search). We solicited random shoppers at the mall to hold him and pose for a picture, and it didn't work too well. We made him pose in the little coin operated Bob-The-Builder truck outside wal mart, you know, the one where Bob is attached to the side and kind of leering at your child in a sexual manner while he's riding in it. I deleted a bunch of the pictures, but I kept a bunch too, and now I'm going to share them! How nice of meeeeee.


May I present the one, the only, the ever-sexy Rambo. Look at that manly chest. You might notice the reason we picked this particular Rambo doll over all others was because he DOESN'T HAVE ANY EYES. The little sweatshop boy in taiwan probably got severely beaten for neglecting to paint them on. Or maybe they took away the twenty cents he earned for that day as punishment.

Here is Rambo obscenely gesturing with his finger. Interestingly enough, he didn't come with separate fingers like that. My friend Heather put his hand in her mouth and chewed on it for a few seconds, and that was the result. I'm not even kidding, either.

This happens to be the only picture remaining from all the people we got to pose with him. That's because clearly these guys RULE. There are just so many things wrong with this picture, I don't even know where to start. First off, that one guy holding Rambo, he was pretending to give a high five to a plastic doll. Wow. Second, is he wearing a PURSE? Third, what is up with that afro man on the right? I love his FUBU shirt. I think we asked them to pose because we saw his hair from like 50 jillion yards away and knew it was destiny for he and Rambo to meet.

HUG ME DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I saved the best for last....

Rambo gets read for a cavity search!

His belt is still on. It didn't come off.

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