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ecala_lambasa's Journal

the ecala lambasa community: REVIVED
Suck It City
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Welcome to the ecala lambasa! community.
Here you can post any we-ard, exciting, and silly stuff you might have for our amusement.
This includes: pictures, stories, website links, blahblahblah. Anything, just as long as it's completely random in a good way.
NOTE (September 5th): Woooooooooooooow. This place hasn't had any light shed on it since May. irokursox gets the official Award of...Ecala Lambasa Excellence. Yes!

//1. Any asshat-like behavior will not be tolerated and will result in banning.
//2. Any posts containing material we don't find to our liking (basically anything really cliche` and/or really stupid) will be deleted promptly.
//3. Any large pictures/posts/nsfw material should be behind livejournal cuts. Kthanks.
//4. Please, please try to use proper grammar! I swear to god that if I can't read your posts without getting a headache, I'll flip out.
//5. Not to be rude or anything, but if you were born after 1990, we don't want you joining. Seriously, you creep us out. Go away.
//6. When/if you join, introduce yourself. Tell us your name, age, blahblahblah. You know, so we can see if we like you or not. <3

If you have any questions or stuff like that, leave a comment at one of our eljays:
Owner/Mod: pink_shoelace
Mod: pope_fetus

Thank you and enjoy the ecala lambasa! community!
(It's not like anyone else is going to join. So peace out, cub scout.)
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