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the ecala lambasa community: REVIVED's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
the ecala lambasa community: REVIVED

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[22 Jan 2010|12:30pm]

A community that gives you daily pretty thoughts & pictures.
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[02 Dec 2004|10:49am]


Good morning to you, childrens!

It's december 2nd! Christmas is COMING!! AAAAAAHHHHHasdgoasdgbnibnfb.

So...ugly people celebrate Christmas too! Yeah I bet you didn't know that. Well here is a double dose of weirdness!


hmmmCollapse )

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[11 Nov 2004|10:07pm]


OKAY so I was posting in pink_shoelace's journal and thinking about retarded things I've done in public. And I remembered the RAMBO adventures. My friends and I were going to copy that idea where you take a garden gnome from someone's garden, and you take it places and take pictures of its adventures. But we couldn't find a gnome, so we went to the dollar store and purchased Rambo instead. He was kinda like Ken...smiling, plastic, definitely not anatomically correct (believe me, we did an extensive search). We solicited random shoppers at the mall to hold him and pose for a picture, and it didn't work too well. We made him pose in the little coin operated Bob-The-Builder truck outside wal mart, you know, the one where Bob is attached to the side and kind of leering at your child in a sexual manner while he's riding in it. I deleted a bunch of the pictures, but I kept a bunch too, and now I'm going to share them! How nice of meeeeee.


It's Rambo Time!Collapse )

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COTTAGE CHEESE [09 Nov 2004|10:03pm]


Two topics of interest today. First of all, check out my awesome shirt! I ordered it from Engrish.com, and it cracks me up. They're having a sale, you should all totally go buy a PIMPIN TSHIRT OMG!!111one. Then check out cottage cheese woman.


What kind of world is this!?Collapse )

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A quick pic [16 Oct 2004|02:21pm]


I don't really have a big fancy story to go with this picture, but I thought it was time for another update. Three words, for ya pal:



ugh..Collapse )

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Ay ess dee eff jay kay el!! (asdfjkl) [13 Oct 2004|05:23pm]


Alas, I brought ecala lambasa back and then stopped posting for awhile as it sank back into oblivion. OR DID IT!?!??? I was in the process of moving, and thus I had no time to write posts containing hilarious wit and exciting tales of hideousness in the form of pictures. HOWEVER, I am finished moving and I still have truckloads of sexy beasts, minus the sexy. Today's beast was found at the local Country Fair, on the same day as the first two whores I photographed.


SaaaaaaaaagCollapse )

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Interesting Hairstyle [12 Sep 2004|10:08pm]


Since nobody else seems to have anything to post, I figured I'd go ahead and post something myself.

About two years ago, my now-ex-boyfriend, myself, and our two other friends were hanging out at the Vancouver Aquarium, checkin out the giant walrus from the Starbucks stand. We were just relaxing when lo and behold, THIS walks by:


Insert sound of sun gleaming off bare scalpCollapse )

I wonder if he combs it....

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HIDEOUS BEAST! [08 Sep 2004|12:41pm]


Hello childrens!!

I haven't been online in awhile, but I think it's about time we were graced with the presence of another fabulously oblivious creepy ugly person. Oh, the creepiness.

I have decided to be evil today, and brutally rape your retinas with the following picture. It is not for the faint of heart! Read on for the delicious story behind...CRACK POWER!


aaaiiiiieeeeeeee!!!Collapse )

I think I shall now put bleach in my eyes with a turkey baster.

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Oona nooto Solo? [05 Sep 2004|01:39am]

[ mood | I <3 Star Wars ]

As mentionined in Denise's journal, I recently aquired a life-sized Han Solo stand-up. It's amazing. I would show you one billion pictures of me and Han Solo, galavanting all over, but my camera's currently a POW of Olympus America whilst they "fix it" and "put the lens cover back onto the camera" and "charge a service fee because I voided my warranty", so that'll have to wait for a bit.

Here's two that I commandeered my sister's camera for.

Han Solo, now with less crappy thumbnails!Collapse )

All's I know is I can rest assured having the galaxy's best smuggler, pilot and rebel guarding my room.
BTW: Thanks Denise for putting up with my whining about not knowing how to do crap on LJ

Read more about how I got Han at my site.
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The Strange Whores [04 Sep 2004|04:14pm]


This first picture of many was taken at the country fair that happens every year near my house. Many of the future pictures will come from the fair, because naturally that's the best place to find hicks. Not to mention a plethora of gross creepy out-of-towner people. I think the country fair is when all the people living in the nearby trailer park decide to come out of hiding in trees with pitchforks to fraternize with the rest of society. I give you...the whores:


Oh, the horror!Collapse )

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[11 May 2004|03:25pm]

people need to join my rating community... meh sex_e
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[19 Apr 2004|06:02pm]

hello. I decided to join because... well... honestly.. I d.o...n.o.t know. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Mmmmmkay.
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1 2 3 UH [14 Apr 2004|05:05pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

I got this off of fark.
[I laughed out loud.]

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WHAT YALL REALLY WANT. [03 Apr 2004|12:45am]
Denise and I had some conversations with Vincent.
But I guess you need to know the background information first:
I was looking to change my buddy icon, and I found a page that had half-naked guys as icons,
So I changed it and told Denise that I was going to IM every guy on my buddy list.
Unfortunately, (...Or fortunately, however you look at it) Vincent was the only guy who was on.

So I IMed him.
//Hilarity ensues.Collapse )

iLoveHateGroups: He didn't say goodnight to me.
iLoveHateGroups: KILL HIMSELF.
TheRoomWasCold: YEAH!
iLoveHateGroups: AGAIN!
iLoveHateGroups: Because we always say that!
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[28 Mar 2004|11:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So Denise and I were bored today, so we went into chat rooms to make fun of people.
Then I got this really FUN idea.
When I was asked to send a picture of myself,
I sent a picture of trollbeast!
Isn't that funny!?!?!?!

I'm cool.Collapse )

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Don't stop. [24 Mar 2004|10:22pm]
[ mood | amused ]

"Bitchtits walks home."

I'm falling in love with the way he walks...

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