irokursox (irokursox) wrote in ecala_lambasa,

Ay ess dee eff jay kay el!! (asdfjkl)

Alas, I brought ecala lambasa back and then stopped posting for awhile as it sank back into oblivion. OR DID IT!?!??? I was in the process of moving, and thus I had no time to write posts containing hilarious wit and exciting tales of hideousness in the form of pictures. HOWEVER, I am finished moving and I still have truckloads of sexy beasts, minus the sexy. Today's beast was found at the local Country Fair, on the same day as the first two whores I photographed.


Now with 20% more blur to protect the innocent. This woman is gross. What she needs is a) a freakin' BRA (good god, nobody with breasts that large should go bra-less, EVER, IN LIFE.) and b) something without horizontal stripes on it, since she obviously looks SO GOOD in them. The hairy arm with blue sleeve on the left is my ex boyfriend's arm. I pretended I was taking a pic of him, when really I was trying to capture Queen of Sag back there.

The best thing, though, is what I got to use this picture for. One day, this co-worker of mine added me to msn. He had worked with me before, and he was extremely full of himself. His name was Carlos, he was this Hispanic thug and he worked out hardcore to make his muscles "sexy". He was chatting with me and he asked me for a "special picture" from my "special collection". I was thoroughly disgusted because he was all sweet and trying to win a date with me, and then he asks me for nudes! What a fuck. So I was like "hang on, I'm looking for one, just wait!" and built him up thinking he'd get a nude of me, loins probably quivering with anticipation and longing, and then BAM! I sent him this. Then I told him if he wanted T&A, he could look at HERS. Mmmmm!!!

He blocked me after that. Jackass.


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